Residential title and closing services are a critical part of a successful real estate transaction. At Silva Law / QuickSilva we’ve built our nationwide success on the following key principles:


At the heart of every deal, consistent and clear communication is crucial. We listen closely to our clients to understand the complexities of each purchase or sale. This creates a foundation for a long-lasting and productive working relationship with our industry partners and the homeowners we serve.

Providing the best service in the industry means more successfully closed loans. We all win. And that’s what matters.


We’ve seen it all – every type of refinance, purchase, reverse mortgage, loan or financing option. We understand how significant title and closing is to the process, and we have the experience to solve the issue and get the loan closed. We know the entire real estate process, not just from a title perspective. That matters because it means we know how to handle each transaction appropriately and smoothly.


We close anywhere, at anytime. On time, everytime. It’s the hallmark of our company. From East to West Coast, across the U.S., we will be wherever we need to be whenever we need to be there to make sure the loan gets closed on time. Being accessible matters to you and it matters to us.


As the title and closing piece of the transaction, we understand we are part of a larger team. We’ve built trusted relationships with providers in every area of the real estate industry, and we are always looking for new relationships where we can forge a partnership of quality service. We offer these connections to our residential customers, working hard to promote our industry partnerships so everyone benefits.


Competitive pricing on all of our services is guaranteed. If a competitor provides a lower quote, we will beat it. We understand that each transaction is unique and that there are situations where fees should be adjusted. We’re flexible because it’s our goal to ensure the loan gets closed correctly and the terms are satisfactory for everyone involved.

We understand that providing the best service in the industry means more successfully closed loans. We all win. And that’s what matters.

Contact us today at (855) QS-TITLE for more information on how we can provide you and your clients with superior service.