When most realtors and loan officers think about networking, they usually think of events like Chamber mixers and other civic or industry gathering. And it’s quite true that these are good ways to meet and reconnect with people.

But to find more referrals and new clients you need to do more than attend weekly or monthly events. Successful salespeople know that networking is a daily action. Networking needs to be as much a part of your daily routine as checking email, MLS and interest rates.

The goal of daily networking is the same as attending an event; to create and retain business and personal relationships with people who may need your services, and/or send you referrals of people who might.

Here are six ways to become a successful daily networker:

1. Use the Give to Get networking approach. Look first at how you can help the people with whom you’re networking increase their business. The more you help others achieve their goals, the more likely they are to help you achieve yours.

2. Schedule your daily networking.Put it on your calendar just like you would a networking event. If it isn’t on your calendar you’re less likely to do it.

3. Set a goal for your number of networking touches a day.The higher the goal the higher the chance of having the touchpoint turn into a referral. Hold to your daily goal. If you have a daily goal of two and you miss a day, do four the next day.

4. Always include networking with new people who could have a big impact on your success.It isn’t cold calling, because you’re going to approach them with ways you might be able to help them. Who wouldn’t want to hear from someone willing to do that?

5. Learn as much as you can about the other person, and then ask the most important networking question. This is, “Who are your ideal clients or customers?” This question not only helps you identify the best way you can help the other person, it also shows your interest in the other person. You’ll also stand out, as people are rarely asked this question.

6. Be specific about the type of clients you work with.The more specific you are with who you work with, the more likely you are to get a referral. Compare “I work with anyone who is buying real estate” to “I help empty nesters transition into smaller homes.” The next time the person you networked with talks with someone downsizing they’re more likely to remember you and refer that person to you.

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About the author

Silva Law/QuickSilva CEO Doug Fleener is a former organizational consultant and international keynote speaker who for sixteen years helped thousands of individuals and businesses to improve their sales performance and customer experience. Contact us to learn how Doug can present one of his programs at your next staff meeting.