Before joining Silva Law/QuickSilva as CEO I consulted with companies, executives, and owners from around the world. One owner I loved working with ran a number of successful companies. He seemed to always be one step ahead of his competition, and his companies did well no matter what the economy was doing.

One day I asked him the key to his success. (A question I love to ask people I meet and work with.) I expected him to tell me about setting strategies or marketing or maybe leadership.

Instead, he said something that was very simple yet profound. He said, “I start every day focused on being more successful than I was the previous day, and then at the end of the day I made sure I was.”

I said to him, “Okay, but what else? It can’t be just that.” He replied that he did a lot of things that made him and his companies successful, but it all started with his daily mindset.

That conversation started me on a journey to understand how successful people think differently than others.  What I’ve learned on this journey is something I’m excited to share with you and your colleagues in my training program Sell More and Stress Less with a Success Mindset.

I define a Success Mindset as the belief that talent, ability, opportunities, and outcomes are personally manifested and developed. More simply, we achieve what we believe. This belief will be key to any realtor or loan officer’s success in 2019.

A Success Mindset is much more than just positive thinking or being an optimist. Success comes from actions. As my former client told me, at the end of the day he took the actions necessary to be successful. A Success Mindset is what fuels people to focus on taking more actions and achieving higher results because we believe we can in spite of what we hear in the news or the office.

I hope you’ll join me on Wednesday, December 12thwhen I’ll share more about on how you can evolve your thinking and actions to be even more successful in 2019.

About the author
Silva Law/QuickSilva CEO Doug Fleener is a former organizational consultant and international keynote speaker who for sixteen years helped thousands of individuals and businesses to improve their sales performance and customer experience. Contact us to learn how Doug can present one of the Success Academy programs at your next staff meeting.