Relationships are the foundation of our industry. Yes, we help people buy/sell homes and obtain loans so they can achieve their goals, but ultimately it’s the relationships we build with clients and colleagues that ultimately determine how successful we are.

On May 15th Eric Stevens and I will be hosting a new webinar called How to Build Faster, Deeper, and More Profitable Relationships. In this fast-paced program, we’ll be sharing relationship-building techniques we’ve learned and discuss how to apply them in our day-to-day business.

One of the best methods to build faster, deeper, and more profitable relationships is to listen intently to people. Not just listen. LISTEN! Listen to what someone is really saying. All too often salespeople simply wait for their client to stop talking so they can launch their standard pitch.

When you go to buy a car almost every salesperson will tell you all about the car you’re looking at. The most successful salespeople will ask you what’s important to you in a car. They LISTEN to your answer, and only then show you the car with the features and benefits that match what you said you want.

Pitch the pitch! Every client has different needs and wants, and as such every conversation should be unique to that person(s). That can’t happen unless you LISTEN and learn about your client.

Next week we’ll share the details about our May 15th webinar. Until the – LISTEN to those clients!