Here are three ways to be as productive as possible during crazy busy times:

1. Use the “Send Later” feature in Outlook or Gmail. The Send Later feature is a great way to prep emails in advance or time your emails to arrive at a certain time of day. I’m most productive in the morning, but I often want my emails to arrive later in the day. No problem; I just use the Send Later function. Here are two helpful articles on using this feature.



2. Call more and email less. The busier salespeople get, the more likely they are to use email to communicate with clients and colleagues. It seems faster because you can do one email after another, but it often takes much longer to accomplish anything because of the number of emails back and forth. More important, by using email instead of the phone you miss the opportunity to deepen your relationships and, possibly, miss out on referrals and additional business opportunities.

3. Do what has to be done first.Many salespeople prioritize their work by what they enjoy doing the most, saving their least favorite tasks for last. The most successful salespeople do what needs to be done as soon as possible. It frees up both their time and their minds.

So let me ask, what can you do to improve your productivity during crazy busy times?