Each person involved in every conversation and decision has three perspectives.

  1. The past
  2. The present
  3. The future

A mistake many people make is to base conversation and decisions on the present, but it is someone’s past and future perspective that has the biggest impact on what they say and do.

Two examples:

Clients who have previously missed out on buying a home they really wanted have a different perspective than someone who hasn’t.

A home purchaser who has lived in other parts of the country has a different perspective than someone who has lived their entire life in the same area.

The most successful salespeople are able to identify and leverage a client’s three perspectives to close more sales. Here’s how they do that.

  • They take the time to get to really know their client. The more you learn about your client at the start of the sales process, the better you see their three perspectives.
  • They ask lots of open-ended questions. This invites the client to share more of their past and future perspectives on key decision points.
  • They often ask “why.” When a salesperson knows more about the “why” behind something, they are much better able to position the conversations and decisions necessary to help the customer achieve their goals and yours.

One way you can improve your use of the three perspectives is to identify them when you listen to people. They’re actually pretty easy to hear once you start listening for them. In an upcoming webinar I’ll share more about how to use the three perspectives to make more sales.